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Maximising marketing with seeker’s Google AdWords service


As businesses environments become more competitive, business owners need to do more in order to drive the right visitors to learn about their products and services.  Whether businesses develop relationships across the web, mobile and/or on tablets - search is central to success.   

With Google receiving over two billion searches per month, the top three paid ad spots receive 41 percent of clicks.  This is a great opportunity for businesses to market to audiences where they search for expertise, information, knowledge and news they need to make informed choices.  This is where seeker’s Google AdWords service can bridge the gap between marketing and requests. 

What is Google AdWords?  

“The seeker service is committed to helping business be found by their target audiences to provide the best possible outcomes.  In partnering with Google, seeker enables it clients to achieve and maintain prominent positions under relevant searches in what is regarding as the world’s favourite search engine,” explains Klaus Mapara, seeker CEO.

Mapara continues, “The seeker Google AdWords service not only boosts online visibility for businesses, it builds awareness, drives consistent but relevant audiences.  It also assists in driving traffic presenting potential sales leads so the potential to sell is warm, rather than cold.  The expertise with pay-per-click (PPC) account management, experience, knowledge and insight through our dedicated specialists aligns organic search and seeker services.  In doing so, seeker is able to drive qualified, valuable and relevant traffic to desired destinations to achieved pre-determined goals.”

Portfolio of clients

Web and mobile app, seeker, has been a Google certified partner for over a year and a half.  With a European portfolio of clients, it covers an expansive range of industries including:

• Automotive
• Business-to-Business
• Consumer Goods
• Financial Services
• Legal
• Media and entertainment
• Retail
• Technology

A personal touch

Building relationships are vital.  Seeker’s Google AdWords services embody a personal one-to-one service that delivers upon the unique needs of your business including:

• Managing campaigns with a dedicated account manager
• Forecasting to deliver invaluable insight to add decision-making and brand development
• Accountability presented by monthly statistical reports
• PPC budget management
• Weekly and monthly consultations to set goals for campaigns

The benefits 

Strengthening your business marketing with targeted services with a flexible and targeted service ultimately strives to attract more relevant customers, enable local or global advertising to reach the right people at the right time.  With adaptability, the service us tailored to be fined tunes to meet business owners requirements including:

• Targeting advertising by region, city and country – pin-pointing regional, national and international areas
• Focusing on areas or individuals – targeting advertising to appear only when search queries are made in a specific area

The importance of localising content and the need for businesses to deliver focused relevant information becomes increasingly important. The goal is to present existing and potential customers what they need meet their immediate needs of where they are, where they wish to be and/or purchase online. Seeker’s Google AdWords service is at the forefront of making this possible. 

The seeker Google AdWords service is available in the UK – learn more at the seeker’s webpages.  Keep abreast of the suite of seeker services to assist your business by visiting our website, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter using @seekerit.


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