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10 tips to make your business more successful throughout 2015


January is considered a blue and slow month for many as they may feel sluggish after Christmas, the holiday and New Year.

We’ve experienced a particularly longer break this year, but now isn’t the time to rest upon our laurels – there is plenty of work to do as 2015 is just under way.  There are many events throughout the year that provide opportunities to reach target audiences as the competitive nature of business will bring more lively environments in which attention spans are limited.

Business owners need to employ more creative approaches to inform, educate and sell to audiences, whilst maintaining high levels of customer services.  The rewards can be great, but not managing relationships can be more damaging than before, as platforms such as social media before more engrained into our daily lives.  N doing so, it’s more accessible by more people and bad news travels at lightening speed.  

It is important that business create seamless communications and activity across their business to ensure they are embracing digital, mobile and social media platforms, but are not forgetting the influence of other channels.

From last year we’ve seen how developments such as Sunday deliveries and other changes can impact businesses, so your business needs to be ready to adapt, to compete.

We’ve compiled top line approaches for businesses to consider, with big events in mind and how you can maximise any quiet times that you experience.

1. Consider the big events happening and how that fit into your calendar e.g. Valentines Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, bank holidays and so on

2. Think beyond public holidays and national days that carry weight such as St George’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) and so on

3. Build databases (adhering to legal requirements) on the events that are relevant to the business and the customers that you reach out to. Is there a newsletter that needs reviving?

4. Plan how events impact your business and if not directly linked to what you do how you can maximise their potential (without bang wagon jumping or tailgating)

5. Discover how to market pre, during and post event to create communications and content to maximise their full potential

6. Think of the customer journey and experience – then how to build longevity leading into subsequent events they also have interest in

7. Set up measurement beforehand and if you done this before, review and analyse your performance last time to think how to do better this year

8. Ensure the business is visible online and if there is a site, it’s mobile ready, especially as may consumer research and browse before purchasing

9. Build journeys that consider how customers interact online, but also can have them create footfall in store. Make it worthwhile for those that visit the physical store

10. Be socially aware and participate, but ensure its and approach and channel that you can maintain, once you engage

Again, the above isn’t an exhaustive list of ideas, but initial direction of solid steps to consider now and into 2015.  

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