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The all brand new shiny seeker app for Windows Phone 8


Things have been incredibly busy at seeker towers recently and the result is we’ve exciting news that our brand new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) app is now available.

We didn’t forget you Windows users. We’ve been beavering away to bring you the new and slick seeker app for WP8, available to download now in the Windows Phone Store. We’re listening to your feedback and these are the fruits – we’re sure you’ll agree it was well worth the wait. If you’re a newbie to seeker and particularly the new Windows release, you’ll quickly realise there are ‘where have you been all my life moments’ that you won’t resist sharing with colleagues, friends and/or family.

Windows is a great platform and we’re pleased to be part of the Microsoft family and happy to be welcoming you too. Klaus Mapara, seeker CEO, explains, "We created the seeker Windows Phone 8 app, because the WP8 platform is steadily growing, especially in the UK market where Windows Phone OS sales share is 11.3 percent*. Our new seeker app for Windows Phones 8 is a great addition to the applications that users simply can’t live without for this OS."

"The app has been completely redesigned for Windows Phones 8 including a fresh, vibrant, bold and yet subtle interface designed for modern users with precious little time to locate what they want instantly.  We’ve invested time into the design ensuring that even users new to mobiles take to the app immediately. In addition to looking more than the part, the app satisfies the needs of users intuitively. It’s scalable to grow into the demands of what they will need and this will only improve as the app develops," continues Mapara.

What does the seeker app do?

Seeker helps you locate your nearest restaurant, cash point, hotel, dry cleaner, taxi or whatever else you need to find. Windows users benefit from two new great features. Firstly, as a Google long-term content partner, the seeker app takes advantage of worldwide Google Places data, updating you with additional information, as well as getting you there with built in maps. Secondly, our Wiki Local feature displays Wikipedia listings with places of interest, local information etc., all pinpointed to exactly where you are.

"Local information is important to users enabling them not only to pinpoint what they are searching for, but also provide additional details such as opening times, services and photographs of what they want with our Google Places content partnership. This is critical for businesses, which makes the difference in taking sales, but more crucially building rapport with customers. Both our new features strengthen the deep and rich content that businesses expect to be able to display to customers. Ultimately, this ensures they’re offering a personal local service creating relationships which builds loyalty," advises Mapara.

Searches for private individuals are available in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, USA and the UK. Therefore, seeker also helps you locate people whether it’s a BFF, ex-colleague, family and folk you need to stay in touch with, or need to find. Cyclists in London (UK) or Boston and Washington D.C. (USA) can use the app to check the availability of bicycle rental stations with detail on the number of docks, how many bikes are there, distance and help to get there using maps. This feature will be extended to additional cities, so we’ll be sure to let you know when and where. Quite simply, seeker is like having your best clued-up pal in your pocket, bag or purse helping you pinpoint what you need without the hassle. Seeker is the app that fulfils a number of needs with plenty of tricks up its sleeves whether it’s business or for leisure, we’ve got you covered.

The new Windows Phone 8 app

The app has been specifically designed for Windows Phones 8 providing the following glorious highlights:

  • Worldwide mobile searches
  • Integrated Google Places data and information
  • Local and regional highlights for selected cities
  • Premium hits listed first
  • Wikipedia places of interest and unique locations in your immediate area with Wiki Local
  • Bicycle rental listings for London, Boston and Washington D.C
  • Extra information, such as opening hours, photos and special offers included with business listings
  • User Interface (UI) available in multiple languages*
  • Automatic translation of sector-oriented searches to desired available languages
  • Searches for private individuals available in the Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, USA and the UK    
  • Maps and route planner
  • Integrated address book
  • Recommendation function

* In Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish

"We live and work within incredibly busy environments these days. With technology able to simplify everyday tasks, we can all focus upon what’s important. The new Windows Phone 8 app embraces this, honing in on things what we need to find frequently, but in an intuitive way. You don’t need to over think what you need to find, because searching becomes akin to natural user behaviour. The Windows Phone 8 app design reflects this at every level and as such will serve as a great blueprint for Android and iOS updates that will be coming soon to seeker users," continues Mapara.

Seeker’s all new singing and dancing Windows Phone 8 app is free for you to download from the Windows Phone Store for Windows devices; Apple App Store for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch; Android users at the Google Play store.
Apps not your thing? Surely not! Never fear, there’s also a mobile web version in addition to it being accessible via the Internet using computers and laptops. Visit the seeker site for the seeker app features for Android and iPhone and Windows here.

We value your feedback. Please do tell us what you think about the new seeker Windows Phone 8 app – what you love most and perhaps where you think it can be improved. As always we’re open to what you have to say.

Keep-to-date with how things are developing at seeker, new services and other good stuff via our website, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter using @seekerit.

*Data is sourced from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.


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