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Why is mobile right for small businesses?


With 60 percent of small businesses having optimised sites, why is mobile such a good fit? 

Mobile technology is changing things, but impact is it having upon businesses? Marketing technology company Constant Contact interviewed over 540 small business owners to ascertain how they managed business operations and the technology they use.

With smartphone users set to total 1.75 Billion in 2014 says a report form eMarketer, it’s quite clear why mobile adoption amongst small businesses may be growing. 

From its research, Constant Contact has produced an infographic entitled Mobile Madness, which unveils the growth of mobile technology from 2013 and into 2014.  More than three quarters of small businesses are using mobile technology (through 2014 so far 77 percent are using mobile technology, up from 66 percent in 2013).  Mobile sites have increased dramatically with 34 percent of sites optimised in 2013 climbing to 60 percent in 2014 with 32 percent having an interest in optimising their sites in the next six-months.

With massive growth in the way small medium enterprises (SMEs) are using technology not only to reach customers, but also to run their businesses. As customers become more comfortable with mobile technology, small businesses are reacting to the developing trend tapping into to how it touches many areas in both personal and professional lives. 

Although the growth has been promising, 23 percent of SMEs are not using mobile technology for their business for a number of reasons.  Lack of customer demand leads the pack with 40 percent of businesses citing that its user base doesn’t warrant its use.  Lack of know-how using mobile at 36 percent and insufficient time to implement at 31 percent shows challenges ahead, but not enough to slow down demand.

There is no doubt that mobile technology is having a huge impact upon businesses. The most critical approach for SMEs is to ensure that products, services and indeed their brands are visible online and widely accessible from all manner of devices.

See the Constant Contact blog for more detail around its mobile technology research and perhaps consider what sort of impact it has for your business.


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