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With a little over 3,000 inhabitants, Betzdorf is a town in Luxembourg, the world's last Grand Duchy. Betzdorf Castle is the birthplace of all the children of Grand Duke Jean (who abdicated in 2000). The town is comprised of several villages, named Betzdorf, Berg, Mensdorf, Olingen and Roodt-sur-Syre. Nowadays, the castle serves as the headquarters of SES Global, the biggest satellite operator outside the USA. There are numerous attractive establishments around Betzdorf for overnight stays. Simon's Plaza, a four-star hotel, is in Grevenmacher, 3.5km (2 miles) away. Or you can reserve an elegant room at the four-star Hotel Légère Premium Hotel in Luxembourg City, a mere 8km (5 miles) away, as a base for discovering Betzdorf. In the town itself, the Restaurant Relais du Château de Betzdorf offers exquisite culinary delights.


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