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Translation function for industries and categories

In addition to the seeker web version, there is a native version for Android™ which fully measures up to the web counterpart. It allows you to search for persons and company names efficiently. The intuitive user interface guides you through the available themes. Are you looking for a dentist in Brussels or Liege, and is your knowledge of French letting you down exactly at this moment? seeker's embedded translation function automatically provides you with the French and Dutch translations, and also lists the results for you.

Sorted and in place!

Are you looking for a locality in the immediate vicinity? seeker will show you the local results. You can change the radius of your query easily and quickly, and you are presented with an updated list of results instantly. If a particular query generates only results that are too general, the theme filter can provide assistance: simply select the desired category from the data list and seeker will filter the search results for you instantly.

Map view and routing function

seeker will help out quickly - the only thing you have to do is have a quality map displayed and let the Android™ pre-installed routing function guide you to your destination!

Forward …

Do you want to forward the location you have just discovered to a friend or an acquaintance? The recommend function will enable you to forward interesting data by e-mail using the address book.

You can download the seeker App for Android™ free of charge via your mobile phone or web browser exclusively from Google play.

Have fun!



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