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Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift: The seeker iOS app update

We’ve made some exciting updates to the seeker mobile app for Apple iOS that you’re going to love.

Just in time for Christmas and the holidays, we’ve been busier than Santa’s little helpers making great improvements that’ll help you find things and places without any stress.  Treat yourself to an early present, or better still, get into the good books of your work colleagues, friends and/or family gifting a free app that should take pride of place on their mobile device of choice.

What does the seeker app do?

seeker helps you find your nearest restaurant, cash point, hotel, dry cleaner, taxi or whatever else you need to find, then helps you get there with built in maps.

Our app can also help you locate a long lost friend, work mate or your great aunt with residential search.  If you’re based in London (UK) or Boston and Washington D.C. (USA) the app can help you check the availability of your nearest bicycle rental station. Servicing United Kingdom (UK) and the USA - seeker is like having your best clued-up mate in your pocket helping you pinpoint what you need without the hassle.

iOS app updates

Always taking on board what you think and nice little things you’d like to see improved, we’ve made numerous improvements.  Behind the scenes we’ve made every effort to make sure the update is right up there as ‘the’ gift that just keeps on giving.  A few of the main updates include:

  • Changes to the layout and interfaceWorldwide availability using Google Places data or by referencing local services
  • New 'Wiki Local' function: Wikipedia listings with places of interest and local information for your immediate location
  • Extra search options within a list of results
  • Better display of additional results using batches
  • Ability to alter the location view in maps

Now, a few wise words from our leader on why we’ve delivered a humdinger of a present a few weeks before one of the busiest times of the year and what means for you.

Klaus D. Mapara, CEO at seeker explains, “We’re all about the evolving the user experience at seeker.  With this in mind, we’ve made updates that put users more in control what they need to find. Above all, once they’ve found what they need, we’ve empowered them further with additional information on a local level with the means to get there easily using maps in an intuitive way. An example of this is our new Wiki Local option which displays deep and rich content to users allowing them to access local information near to them - quickly.”

With the business environment evolving quickly, Mapara explains how changes in at seeker continually adapt to this, “In an ever-competitive marketplace, your business needs to do more than stand out.  The seeker iOS update is an important development for businesses that need to be visible on mobile devices, smartphones and the web more than ever.  This is important especially if they wish to be more accessible whilst in customer’s hands. The user-friendly seeker app builds on dwell time, allowing customers to learn more your business enticing them to visit your online or physical store.  With the Google Places data, you can display useful information such as your opening hours, services and images. This option enables people to learn more about what they are looking for right from their mobile device, vastly improving their user experience.”  

“If you’re new to seeker, spend a moment to have a look around our site, or download the app to improve your search experience,” adds Mapara.

seeker and the brand new shiny iOS updates are free for you to download from the Apple App Store for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.  Don’t worry Android users! seeker is also available in the Google Play store. There’s also a mobile web version in addition to it being accessible via the Internet using computers and laptops.

As always, we’d love to know what you think, so get in touch via the app or online telling us what you like and anything else you’d like to see us bring to the app in the future.  

Keep-to-date with everything seeker at our website, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter using @seekerit.  If we don’t speak to you before the break - happy holidays, Merry Christmas and all that good stuff from the seeker team!



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