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On this page we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about seeker.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which criteria can I search for?

To initiate a search on seeker, you need to enter at least a name and a city. As seeker contains all contact information released for publication you can search for both private and business addresses.

A reverse search facility has not been implemented and as such this form of search not available. This is due to data protection restrictions.

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How can I refine my search?

In order to refine your query and to sensibly limit the number of hits resulting from it, you can decrease the search radius within the results list. At present, you can do this by increments of 1, 2, 5, 10 or 30km.

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Where does seeker obtain the data displayed?

The data you can find through seeker are based on the public directory data of P & T (Luxembourg), BELGACOM (Belgium), SWISSCOM (Switzerland), and KPN (Netherlands), as well as on other public data and data obtained through seeker’s own research.

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What do I need to do to have my published entry altered?

Please use the contact form to inform us of any changes to your data.
In so far as your data originates from one of our data suppliers, we will forward your request to the relevant party. If the data originates from our own research, we will implement the change swiftly ourselves.

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Does seeker support reverse searches, i.e. searches via known telephone numbers?

Reverse searching has not been implemented due to data protection restrictions.

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Can I also access seeker while I’m on the move (via my mobile phone, for example)?

Yes, there are several ways to access seeker. The seeker web platform has been optimised for smartphones and is supported by all current mobile phone browser types. In addition, we offer standalone applications for both Apple's iPhone and Android based mobile phones.
Please go the respective product pages for a download link.


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