Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-06-13

China’s largest city is one of the biggest and most important cities in the world. Thus, it is no wonder that Asia’s largest Next Generation Technology Fairis taking place in Shanghai. From June 26thto 28th, 2019, China’s most populated city will become a meeting place for the biggest and most influential industrial companies in the world.

In the following, we have summarized the topics and specialist trade shows of the Mobile World Congress 2019. In other blog posts you can find out more about networking events as well as affiliate programs, seminars and much more.

Also have a look at our Shanghai collections – here you will find additional tips for recreational activities during your time off – such as sights, hotels and restaurants or clubs and bars – in Shanghai and all around the trade fair.

Trade Fair Topics

As part of „Intelligent Connectivity“, the MWC 2019 focuses on eight core topics around which the content of this year’s event revolves.

We have linked the agenda of each topic, so you can easily find lectures, conferences, and seminars which are most relevant to you. There is also a list of industries, for whom the topics will be of most interest.


Artificial intelligence – also called „AI“ – explores the real potential of AI and examines the personal and business impact this technological revolution has on us.

Industries: Advertising and retail industry, general industry, government, IT, research, telecommunications.


Connectivity“ focuses on the requirements that have to be met in order to realize 5G and which challenges arise with these new and diverse industries.

Industries: Aviation, emergency services, smart cities, telecommunications.

„Digital Trust“

Digital Trust“ analyzes the growing responsibility required to strike the right balance between consumers, government, and authorities.

Industries: Digital identity, audio engineering, government, media & PR, privacy, security.

„Digital Wellness“

Digital Wellness“ addresses the increasing risk of addiction and mental health issues, which are caused by the increase in circulation and use of smartphones.

Industries: Biotechnology, healthcare, public transport, renewable energy, smart cities, travel & tourism.

„Disruptive Innovation“

Disruptive Innovation“ is a common theme throughout the fair trade as the pace of innovation further increases. The focus of this topic will be on how companies need to stay alert and agile in order to recognize and implement constant changes in technology.

Industries: Social innovation and liability, business management, startups.

„Immersive Content“

Immersive content“ will increase the impact on networks and venues as well as customer interest. Challenges, revenue models, and the relationship between consumption growth and network capacity will be examined.

Industries: AR / VR, game industry, media & video, music, sports, and finance.

„Industry 4.0“

Industry 4.0“ analyzes the implementation and impact of the confluence of the „Internet of Things“, „Cyber ​​Physical Systems“, and „Cloud and Cognitive Computing“, which make up Industry 4.0

Industries: Automotive Industry, Platform „IoT“ and Analytical Operators, Logistics, Maintenance, Production.

„The Future“

The Future“ takes a look at technologies that will shape our world in 2028 and beyond.

Industries: 6G, mind control, quantum computers, startups.


GSMA Innovation City 2019

The „GSMA“ represents the interests of the global mobile industry worldwide.

The „GSMA“ is hosting a series of seminars that provide insights and updates on industry initiatives at the MWC 2019 in Shanghai. The following subjects will be addressed:

  • Mobile innovations with focus on „Intelligent Connectivity“
  • Solutions which benefit from a combination of the 5G mobile network, intelligent platforms, and IoT devices
  • Effects of technology on life
  • Evolution of the Internet, mobile connections, and the future.

In addition to leading brands such as BICS, ByteDance, China Mobile Migu, Huawei, myFC, Shanghai Ratta Smart Technology, and Singtel, the GSMA will showcase its most important developments at „mobile connect“, „future networks“, and „internet of things„.

If you’re interested in having a look at mobile-connected products and services that improve the daily lives of citizens, businesses, and governments all around the world, you should visit GSMA in Hall N5.


You can visit 550 different exhibitors in the pavilions and zones all around the fairground. Here you can find out about products and solutions for specific topics, a particular industry, certain countries or individual regions.

Here is a list of the different pavilions and zones

International Smart City Expo

The „Smart City Expo“ focuses on the construction and development of smart cities. The Smart City Expo provides an effective supply and demand platform to promote better government-business cooperation.

The focus is on promoting a cooperation between China and foreigners in the smart city sector. The head of Smart City will introduce the project. Executives from domestic smart cities and representative companies of the smart city sector are invited to share their experiences in international cooperation.

Click here for the program.

Display China

Display China“ is a business and communication platform with particular focus on products, technologies and the development of new display technologies and display terminals.

Due to the rapid development of 5G and new display technology combinations, „Display China“ has been an accompanying event of MWC Shanghai since 2018.