Sustainable Travel: The best tips for an environmentally friendly holiday

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-10-21

These days, we are increasingly trying to build awareness of our behavior on Earth in order to maintain a sustainable environment for following generations. This also plays a major role when traveling.

It makes sense to avoid plastic as much as possible, abstain from eating too much meat or even to drive less.

But how can we all make a contribution to protect the environment without giving up on our longed-for holiday?

In our collection we will tell you, which European hotels are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

How to travel sustainably:

What’s the destination? This question already determines to a large extent the sustainability of the journey. If you decide on a trip overseas, it is almost impossible not to go by plane. Thus, you should critically consider whether it’s absolutely necessary to travel thousands of miles just to be able to recharge your batteries. Instead, how about a trip to an organic farm in your country? Usually you don’t have to travel too far for this. When going by train, you can already give yourself a pat on the back for being environmentally friendly. For longer distances, it is worthwhile to look for an overnight train as you’ll arrive freshly rested at your destination.

If there is no way around taking a plane, there should be a reasonable balance between distance travelled and length of stay. If you want to fly to Thailand, it is a good idea to not just spend two weeks there, but at least a month or longer.

Editor’s tip: If you want to be green despite traveling by plane, you can find out here how much CO₂ your flight has caused and do some good with a donation to climate protection projects.

Smaller luggage is less harmful! Who hasn’t been annoyed before about having taken far too many superfluous items on holiday? This type of excess baggage is not only a burden on yourself, but also on fuel consumption which steadily increases with weight. And besides, isn’t your holiday far too precious for worrying about how to handle heavy luggage. In this regard, less is definitely more!

Looking for sustainable accommodation: All-inclusive big chain hotels are an absolutely no-go. Isn’t it much nicer to choose a cozy accommodation run by locals? This not only shows respect for the local community, but also supports them. However, it is recommended to check beforehand if and how the respective accommodation supports the environment. After all, even a small house can waste resources on a massive scale.

In our collection we’ll tell you which European hotels are particularly sustainable and climate positive.

In warm regions, make sure that the air conditioning isn’t on all day. It’s best not to use them at all. Yet, if that’s not possible, it would make sense to turn it off when you are out and only turn it back on when you’re back inside.

Avoiding paper with online tickets! Plane tickets and even travel planners can conveniently be stored on cell phones and thus save a lot of paper. Seeker is even better and easier – the app not only guides you to interesting sights, but also facilitates the planning of your own itinerary and saves all documents in a collection ready to be shared with friends.

Get to know the country and its people by public transport. You cannot get better in touch with people than on the train. Furthermore, you are sure to arrive super relaxed at the right destination. In the seeker App you can easily find train stations nearby. If you prefer cycling, seeker can also show you bike stations. Simply set the filter in the map and you can start cycling!

Be a good role model with CleanUps! One trash bag is already enough for a collection campaign to start. Anyone who’s ever done it themselves knows that there is much praise in form of words and looks. Even better to invite others to join in and share a special experience. Afterwards, you can retire for a delicious meal in one of the local pubs.