Bayern – Good mood despite the weather

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-09-05

In contrast to a vacation on the Balearic or Canary Islands, in Germany you also have to expect rain in summer. However, this shouldn’t spoil your mood. If you are on holiday in Bavaria and do not feel like leaving the house due to heavy rain, we’d still like to whet your appetite for some Bavarian indoor activities with the following tips.

Brewery Tours

Breweries belong to Bavaria like the Elbe to Hamburg – one can’t be without the other. So why not enjoy a cool blonde on one of the various brewery tours in the Chiemgau and, incidentally, drink away the bad weather. Not only can you learn a great deal about the history of brewing, your mood will also instantly improve.

Flea Markets at Night

While you stroll through flea markets outside and during the day in other cities, in Munich you can enjoy all this underneath a roof. Those who do not feel like ending a rainy day in a restaurant or bar, can have a real flea market experience indoors. However, don’t even think that there’s not going to be much haggling over prices at such a late hour.

Jochen Schweizer Arena

In Germany Jochen Schweizer is well known to most as a successful entrepreneur from the TV show „Lion’s Den“. Those who’d like to see first-hand, how he got this rich should pay a visit to the Jochen Schweizer Arena. It is located in Taufkirchen, near Munich. Particular highlights are the fixed indoor surfing experience and body flying: beginners get their money’s worth the same as surfing pros; Body flying gives you a unique feeling of flying. Even if you hover above ground for only two minutes, this is a physically exhausting undertaking, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you’re famished afterwards, you can let yourself be spoiled by the kitchen staff of Schweizer’s kitchen.

Indoor Beach Volleyball

If you think beach volleyball is only really fun on the beach, you haven’t been to one of the Bavarian indoor halls yet. The ambience exudes a proper summer feeling while the colorful cocktails do the rest. You’ll completely forget the rainy outdoors, when playing volleyball and enjoying some well-deserved cold drinks afterwards.


Naturally you want a thrilling experience while on holiday, to later excitedly tell colleagues and remember for a long time. Yet, even though the action level of wellness treatments is low, you will still feel completely relaxed for weeks to come. In Bavaria there is a large variety of hotels and spas, which offer a wide range of wellness treatments. Whether you are looking for a sauna, an ayurvedic full-body massage or a romantic couple massage – there is something for every taste and budget.

A Bowling Palace of your Dreams

Parents know it only too well: If your offspring isn’t occupied for a while, it doesn’t take long before the whining starts. „I am soooo bored“ is certainly one of the friendlier complaints. In order not to let any dismay come up, it’s best to head straight to Unterföhring with the family. Numerous bowling alleys in addition to billiard tables, dartboards, foosball tables and further entertainment equipment ensure a family fun day. A particular highlight is the 18-hole indoor moonlight mini golf course. The lighting as well as the whole atmosphere are stunning and quickly let lousy rounds be bygones.


Whether it’s sunny or raining, the Bavarian capital offers a wide entertainment program. In addition to the numerous world-famous museums, you should also visit sights – such as the Marienplatz, the Frauenkirche or Nymphenburg Palace. The shopping streets in Kaufingerstraße and Neuhauser Straße are among the most visited shopping areas in Germany. Maybe these shopping destinations are also appealing to you.