Singapore – a city of superlatives

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-04-17

Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Did you know that spitting out chewing gum on the street is fined with $ 5,000 and smoking is only allowed in designated areas across the city?
If you think there are only chaotic and polluted cities in Asia, here you will be convinced of the contrary. Singapore is one of the most modern and expensive cities in the world. Skyscrapers as far as the eye can see, good infrastructure and a multicultural population make this city truly unique.
In order to have a closer look at Singapore you don’t have to plan a stay for longer than a week. Thanks to the well-developed subway network, you can be anywhere in the city in just a few minutes and can easily reach all attractions in a quick and easy way.

See below our recommendations for Singapore:

Gardens by the Bay

„Gardens by the Bay“ is a huge park of 101 acres, which lies on raised ground. According to the Guinness Book of World Records 2015, the world’s largest glasshouse can be found here. You can admire many exotic flowers and plants as well as 1,000-year-old trees from the Mediterranean zone. The biggest attraction in Gardens by the Bay are the 18 Supertrees; artificially constructed trees, which are up to 50 meters tall. In the evening, they are brightly illuminated and thus provide an unforgettable sight. If you want to see the garden from a different angle, it’s worth walking along the 22 m high OCBC Skywalk between the Supertrees and marvel at the park and Marina Bay Sands from a different perspective.

Singapore City, Singapore – June 23, 2014: Supertree Grove in the Graden by the Bay in Singapore.


Nowhere else is it easier to immerse yourself in another world and culture, than in Singapore. In order to become familiar with the unique, multicultural population, you should visit Singapore’s Chinatown district. Whether street food markets, temples, museums or small shops – a visit to Chinatown fills your daily schedule very quickly. Getting to Chinatown is really easy, as the subway stop itself is called “Chinatown” and everything is very close by. Thus, exploring the area on foot is easily done. 

District „Chinatown“ in Singapore.

Little India

Just as in Chinatown, you can spend a lot of time in the Arabic-influenced district of “Little India”. In the narrow streets you can find small shops everywhere, which offer a variety of items ranging from clothing to spices. Here, too, there are many temples and small street food stalls that spoil you with a multitude of Arabic favorites. Just as in Chinatown, getting here is very easy, as the subway station bears the name „Little India“.

One of the many stalls selling garlands in Little India, Singapore. Garlands have an important role in the Indian culture.

Light and water show

If Singapore already dazzles you during the day, then you have to see the skyline at night. Every evening, Marina Bay Sands puts on a 15-minute open air laser show. The display of water, music and laser beams in front of the Singapore skyline leaves you even more amazed and now at the latest you will begin to love this city. The display takes place every day on the square „Event Plaza at the Promenade“.

Sunday to Thursday: 8 pm and 9 pm
Friday to Saturday: 8 pm, 9 pm and 10 pm

Hotel „Marina Bay Sands“

Those who cannot get enough of the skyline should enjoy the view from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The Sky Bar is the perfect place for it however you will have to order one of the pricey cocktails in order to enjoy the view. But honestly, is the view not worth it?

Marina Bay Sands

Infinity Pool – Marina Bay Sands

Did you know that this hotel has the highest infinity pool in the world? Unfortunately however, you can only enter the pool if you’re a hotel guest. Thus, budget in an overnight stay in the Marina Bay Sands in advance, book a room and enjoy the gigantic pool at around 200-meter altitude.

Infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands