The greatest city in the world – Berlin!

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-07-23

The greatest and most exciting city in the world is not in Australia, China or the United States. No, if you want to experience a big city with a difference, you’ll cancel the long-haul flight and rather exchange it for a train ticket. Berlin is not only the most attractive city in the world for Generation Z, but for people of all ages!

Berlin’s transformation and steadfastness

While those who still remember the divided city may be completely astonished by how much Berlin has changed, they will still be reminded of its past. Despite the blatant urban development and the extreme influx of people from all over the world, Berlin has succeeded in preserving its old charm. Thus, for those who have taken a shine to the city, it will always feel like coming home when they set foot in the capital.

However, not everyone is automatically a fan of Berlin. Particularly within Germany, many people regard Hamburg or Munich as far more beautiful. Yet, if you ask tourists from all over the world, Berlin is the undisputed winner. In contrast to other big cities, Berlin has not been spruced up with modern glass facades but owes its very special charm to its internationality and diversity. Especially the contrasts within the city always amaze and astonish. Exquisite champagne is served with Currywurst, high rise office buildings are right next to ruins, out of which electro music is blasting, and bankers discuss vegan diets with punks – in Berlin, everything is possible.

Sightseeing in Berlin

Both tourists and Berliners rave about the many green spaces the city has to offer. Right in the city center is a huge Zoo, a perfect place to get away from the urban bustle for a few moments. If you have enough energy, tourist sites such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag or even the Spree tempt to try new activities. It is also rather impressive to see the city from a bird’s eye view. At the Potsdamer Platz, you can fall in love with the city from the lofty heights of the Panoramapunkt Berlin or alternatively the Berlin TV tower at Alexanderplatz. The latter rises up to the skies and is visible from almost anywhere in the city – perfect for getting your bearings. In addition to sightseeing, Berlin is also a paradise for shopping! In our collection „Shopping in German cities“ you’ll get a first overview of Berlin’s best spots for shopping!

It is also worth getting around town by walking. Berlin is made up of many different neighborhoods that convey a colorful image of the capital with all its diversity. Small pit stops in the numerous cafes, restaurants and pubs in the city are definitely encouraged. Here you can not only stretch your legs, but also get to experience the unpretentious lifestyle of its residents. Besides this, cultural highlights should of course not be neglected. Often it feels like new ones are added every day whilst others completely disappear again. If you want to fully immerge yourself in culture, we would advise to rent one of the unfortunately more and more expensive flats in Berlin.

Partying in Berlin – all night long and also during the day

Part of Berlin’s culture is of course the club scene. In Berlin there is not only the Berghain, but also many other clubs in which you can party all night long from Friday to Monday. Not only does night become day, days also turn into nights out. Why turn your biorhythm upside down, when you can party during the day.

We can only advise not to rush though all the sights but use a visit to Berlin to celebrate the greatest city in the world and to fully enjoy life – have fun!