Travelling with kids made easy – the right preparation makes the difference

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-06-17

The best time of the year is coming up: summer – and for many of you this means – finally holidays! This, of course, increases the anticipation of being able to switch off from everyday life and finally relax and spend some quality time with your family.

However, children’s and parent’s interpretations of this can vary greatly. For this reason, you should start planning early, so that once you have arrived at the holiday destination – nothing can go wrong or dampen the euphoria.

So, where to go?

Unlike in the past, when you spontaneously decided where to go, with children you should allow a little more time for choosing a destination. Questions such as „What type of entertainment is offered for kids?“ or „Is a pool nearby and are there other children of the same age?“ are sudden new thoughts and challenges parents face.

If you didn’t choose a typical hotel holiday with a kid’s entertainment program, you have to get creative yourself. Exciting trips, tours or excursions are the best entertainment program to keep children busy and have fun together. You can easily organize your personal travel destinations with seeker and will be perfectly prepared on site.

„Vacation is the continuation of family life under difficult conditions.“

Of course, family vacations can be a real challenge for both parties, but it also strengthens solidarity and promotes a good family climate. And let’s be honest – doesn’t everyone have fond memories of a family vacation back in the days?

By car, train or plane?

First and foremost, the mode of transport depends on the chosen destination. While a holiday by car to the Baltic Sea requires relatively little preparation, you should not underestimate travel preparations for long-distance trips. You need to check, for example, whether vaccinations, visas or passports for both parents and children, are needed. Why not check out our travel checklist – it will help prepare for upcoming travels.

Furthermore, prior research can save time and money. Many assume, for example, that kids travel free on airplanes – unfortunately, this is not always the case. However, that is no reason to worry as most airlines offer significantly reduced prices.

Although cheap airlines attract many guests with their low prices, this can also be a challenge for families. For example, most of these airlines only include carry-on luggage. Yet, if you’re travelling as a family of four, it is almost impossible to abide by a limited number of suitcases in distinct dimensions. Thus, before you end up at the airport having to pay extra for your luggage, it is worthwhile checking out prices of other airlines and making a comparison. Maybe you’ll catch a good flight, luggage included, for the same price of the supposedly cheap airline. In conclusion, you can already save money and nerves by choosing the right airline.

Although the start of a vacation can mean lots of stress and hectic, in particular for parents in desperate need of vacation, you should not let yourself get carried away. You can easily prevent this by leaving early enough to get to the airport or train station. This gives you plenty of time to get your bearings and find the right platform or gate. Even when travelling by car, you should wait for the right time of day. Leaving early in the morning or late at night allows to escape the midday heat and increases chances that the offspring is still tired and spends most of the journey asleep.

As shown, with good preparations you can have a relaxed start to your holiday, even with children. If your parents managed to created fond memories of family vacations for you, so can you for your children!