Saarbrücken, Alemania

Bayern – Good mood despite the weather

In contrast to a vacation on the Balearic or Canary Islands, in Germany you also have to expect rain in summer. However, this shouldn’t spoil your mood. If you are on holiday in Bavaria and do not feel like leaving the house due to heavy rain, we’d still like to whet your appetite for some …

Divine Sardinia

Cliffs, cacti, clear turquoise water, hidden beaches and narrow mountain roads – Sardinia is a South Pacific island in the Mediterranean. The stunning, clear blue water is ideal for diving and snorkeling just off the beaches and cliffs. Bathing shoes however are certainly recommended, as the sand is very coarse and, in many places, interrupted …

Hamburg and Munich – northern and southern pearls of Germany

If there are good alternatives, more and more people choose not to take a plane. Particularly, if you want to switch off from everyday life for a few days and need a change of scenery, there are beautiful cities nearby, which are definitely worth a visit. True to the motto Why look so far afield …

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