A wonderful camping tour through Thuringia and Hesse

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-11-05

The numerous caves, mines and castles, as well as the stunning hiking trails throughout the beautiful landscape, make Thuringia a particularly appealing state. Hesse, too, has delightful cities and marvelous nature.

With a campervan you can explore both states in one round trip. We’ll advise you on the most beautiful accommodations and destinations in the area.

More detailed information about campsites and sights are available in our collection.

Underground experiences in Saalfeld

Free parking is available on the parking lot of the hotel Marienturm, Rudolstadt. Electricity is available on request and the concrete floor is level. The mountain road is a bit tricky, but doable and a stop at the restaurant Marienturm may be a little expensive, but it’s worth a visit.

Not too far off is the campsite Strand 24 in Saalfeld.

If you prefer, you can stay on the parking lot of the fairy grottoes for 10 euros. Electricity, shower / WC, supply and disposal are available.

The Erlebniswelt Saalfelder Feengrotten is a treat for young and old alike. During a guided tour of the former mine, you enter a fascinating stalactite cave, where you’ll learn a lot about the extraction of salt and the various layers of rock. Since the pit air is particularly pure, it is worthwhile taking a break in the underground Heilstollen to relax and breathe for a while.

Apart from the famous fairy grottoes you can also visit Saalfeld itself. The impressive Renaissance town hall, the Johanneskirche, the castle ruins „Hoher Schwarm“ or the lovely castle Eyba are definitely worth a visit.

Sharks in Zella-Mehlis

We recommend the campsite Toschis station for 8 euros a night. WLAN, electricity, supply and disposal are available. The meadow ground is level. A bowling alley is nearby.

A few kilometers away is the holiday park Gehlberg.

The vast marine aquarium of Zella-Mehlis offers a great variety of fish, crustaceans and reptiles from all over the world. Particularly exciting is the 1,000,000 liter shark tank, where feeding sessions takes place every Sunday.

If you don’t fancy watching fish all day, you could make a detour to the city museum or the technical museum of Zella-Mehlis. There is a wonderful view over the city from Zella-Mehlis‘ own little hill, the Lerchenberg. For an even more breathtaking view, the easy climb to Ruppberg is recommended.

Erfurt – culture and enjoyment

We recommend the RV park Lassek in Obernissa for 8 euros a night. Electricity, supply and disposal as well as a barbecue area are available. The campsite is located in the countryside, in a meadow on the outskirts.

A little closer to Erfurt is the RV park Trautmann.

Erfurt is criss-crossed by many small rivers which enhance the beauty of the cityscape. Here you will find the famous Krämerbrücke, which conveys a feeling of having made a detour to Venice. Located on the bridge furnished with half-timbered houses is the quaint shop Goldhelm Schokoladen Manufaktur, whose exclusive blends are known throughout the city. Culture lovers will also enjoy visiting Erfurt Cathedral, the Aegidienkirche or the Petersberg Citadel.

Magnificent views at Wartburg Castle

We recommend the parking lot of the caravan dealer Waldhelm for 10 euros a night. Electricity, supply and disposal and an underground lawn grid are provided. In addition, a breadroll delivery service and a shuttle service to the Wartburg are offered.

If you prefer, you can stay on the rather small parking lot directly next to the Wartburg for 5 euros a night.

Just outside are the campsites Werratal Camping and Camping Park Eisenach.

Visible from a distance over the green, hilly valley, is the more than 900 years old Wartburg, which towers over the city of Eisenach. In 1999, the majestic Wartburg was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For 10 euros you can participate in a guided tour of the interior, where you can see the famous Luther room and the magnificent singer’s hall. When visiting the Wartburg, you should definitely ascend the south tower and enjoy a magnificent view over the entire castle complex and the surrounding valley.

Baroque Fulda

We recommend the caravan site Weimarer Straße for 6 euros a night. Electricity, supply and disposal as well as a toilet are available. The paved surface is mostly level. From here you need to walk only a few minutes to the city center.

If you prefer, you can also park overnight at the Therme Sieben Welten thermal baths.

Just outside is the campsite Rhönperle in Motten.

The imposing cathedral of Fulda is the central point of the baroque quarter and only a stone’s throw away from the city palace and the beautifully landscaped castle grounds. In addition, the Old Town Hall, the dahlia garden and the Frauenberg monastery are worth seeing.

For bad weather, we recommend packing a bathing suit and visiting the thermal bath Seven Worlds.

An insider tip particularly lovely for little ones is the Heimattiergarten. The idyllic atmosphere helps to relax and it warms the heart when the otherwise so timid fallow deer eats directly out of your hand.

Braunfels – romantic river in Lahntal

We recommend the parking lot just below Schloss Braunfels for 5 euros a night. Electricity, supply and disposal, a toilet and a paved underground are provided. MIND! The parking lot is designed for a maximum of 4 caravans only.

Just outside is the Campingpark Braunfels.

The small town with its half-timbered houses, the medieval city gates and defensive wall is an ideal destination for lovers of culture and nature. The beautiful surrounding area of the Lahn valley around Braunfels invites to long hiking or cycling tours. Due to its shallow water, the Lahn is ideal for long canoe trips. So, grab a paddle, dive in and enjoy the romantic river.

Kassel – Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

We recommend the caravan site Niestetal for a free overnight stay. Electricity, supply and disposal and a paved underground are provided. The campsite is located right on the banks of the Fulda. A small town center with shops and a bus stop are just around the corner.

The campsite Kassel is also a good alternative.

The colossal statue of Hercules is just one of many attractions on the Wilhelmshöhe. In addition, there is, for example, the beautiful Schloss Wilhelmshöhe and the associated castle pond „Lac“ with its island of roses. Particularly interesting is the Löwenburg, errected at the end of the 17th century.

The most impressive spectacle can be admired in the Bergpark between May and October. Right below the Hercules statue emerges an artificial spring, the water of which descends 200 meters over beautifully landscaped waterfalls where it ends in a fountain.

Discover nature in Harz

We strongly recommend the RV park in Schulenberg for 5 euros a night. Electricity, disposal and a level, gravel surface are provided. The campsite is at the top of the mountain with a simply breathtaking view of the forest and the lake in front of the Okertalsperre.

The campsite Harz – Kreuzeck in Goslar is also quite nice.

The motto of the enchanting Harz National Park is „let nature be nature“. The mountain wilderness around the Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany, is undoubtedly worthwhile seeing. Here you can go hiking, cycling or simply explore nature in your own way.

The Harz is almost as well known for its caves and mines as for its beautiful nature. The former include the mining museum Rammelsberg, the Upper Harz Mining Museum or the stalactite caves in Rübeland.

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