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Scary Transylvania – A sensational Destination?

October 31 is getting closer and what would be a better travel destination than Transylvania? After all, it’s the homeland of vampires and Dracula himself. You may have heard many legends and stories about this place but might not yet have considered it as a holiday destination. Do you even know where Transylvania is located? …

A wonderful camping tour through Thuringia and Hesse

The numerous caves, mines and castles, as well as the stunning hiking trails throughout the beautiful landscape, make Thuringia a particularly appealing state. Hesse, too, has delightful cities and marvelous nature. With a campervan you can explore both states in one round trip. We’ll advise you on the most beautiful accommodations and destinations in the …

Sustainable Travel: The best tips for an environmentally friendly holiday

These days, we are increasingly trying to build awareness of our behavior on Earth in order to maintain a sustainable environment for following generations. This also plays a major role when traveling. It makes sense to avoid plastic as much as possible, abstain from eating too much meat or even to drive less. But how …

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