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Well prepared: Taking a dog on vacation

For many dog owners, it is utterly inconceivable to travel without their four-legged friend. To make sure the holiday will be a pleasure for both your dog as well as yourself, you should take note of a couple of things. 1. The destination Hotel or apartment? Finding a suitable location is not always easy. Top …

Pack your bags: The first-aid kit has priority!

Before heading off on the long-awaited holiday, you’ve got to pack your bags. In particular choosing the right clothing causes some people a headache. Do I really have to take these trousers? Will it be cool in the evening, should I bring a jacket? And what about the maximum weight of the suitcase? If you …

Tolls in the EU

We have gathered information about different toll regulations in the EU, so you can get on vacation even faster and easier. What you need to know about toll regulations Did you know that nine out of 28 countries in the European Union have a distance-related toll system? This means that drivers in countries such as …