Camping in the stunning Altmühltal

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-10-21

Whether you want to take a stroll in picturesque, medieval cities, discover imposing castles and monasteries, or go on hiking tours through the romantic landscape – there is something for everyone in the Altmühltal.

Above all, this region is perfectly suited for holidays with a campervan. We will tell you which places you should visit and show you the most beautiful campsites in the area.

Detailed information about all campsites and sights can be found in our collection.

City tour in Ingolstadt

We recommend the RV park in Jahnstraße, as a place to stay overnight for 5.00 Euros. A little further away is the AZUR Waldcampingplatz am Auwaldsee.

Most people associate Ingolstadt with the Audi Museum, Ingolstadt Village and a large number of students. Apart from that, Ingolstadt also has a very nice old town with idyllic restaurants and bars. A city tour through Ingolstadt from the old high school is well worth it and if you ever want to escape the city, you should definitely visit the Klenzepark on the Danube.

When looking over the Danube from the Klenzepark, you have a wonderful view of the Neues Schloss, which is even more impressive from up close. The Herzogsfest takes place every four years around the New Palace, which in turn offers everything a medieval heart desires!

Falkenhof Castle Rosenburg

We recommend the RV park located directly in Riedenburg, as a place to stay overnight for 8.00 Euros. A little further outside is the campsite Talblick.

High above Riedenburg towers the beautiful, whitewashed Rosenburg, which houses 26 different birds of prey. Twice a day, at 11 am and at 3 pm, impressive demonstrations take place in front of this enchanting backdrop, where falconers demonstrate their skills and above all that of their birds.

Afterwards, take a walk over the castle grounds, where birds of prey sit on their poles in every corner and can be admired at close range. The ascent to the castle leads through narrow streets and takes only 20 minutes. If you are not good on foot, the castle can also be reached by road.

Take Care! Campervan drivers are advised to best not take the direct route through the old town of Riedenburg, as this is only 2 meters wide and very steep, but rather approach the castle from the other side.

Hiking in Essing

For overnight stays we recommend either spaces near Riedenburg (see above) or the pitches near Kelheim (see below).

Between high rocks on one side and the Main-Danube Canal on the other side lies the picturesque village of Essing. This area offers excellent hiking trails, whether it’s up to the castle ruins Randeck, where you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Altmühltal, or to the second longest wooden bridge in Europe and along the Main-Danube Canal.

Well worth seeing is also the Schulerloch – a small but impressive stalactite cave. From 10 am – 5 pm guided tours take place daily, which are accompanied by an impressive play of light on the walls of the cave.

Monastery Weltenburg

We recommend the RV park Am Pflegerspitz, as a place to stay overnight for 8.50 Euros. Just outside is the campsite Kapfelberg or in Bad Abbach the campground Freizeitinsel.

A visit to the Weltenberg Monastery is recommended for those interested in culture, lovers of scenery and landscapes, as well as devout pilgrims. We can recommend a 12 km circular walk from Kelheim to the Abbey of St. Georg. Of course, the most beautiful view of the monastery and the high rocks of the Danube aperture is from the ship, which departs daily from Kelheim to the monastery. Weltenburg is also accessible by campervan.

Even if it is not particularly cheap, you should conclude your visit with hearty Bavarian food and dark Weltenburger monastery beer.

Regensburg – shopping in the old town

For a free overnight stay we recommend the parking lot on the Danube Island in the street „Am Winterhafen 2“, which has a large marked area for campervans. Just outside is the AZUR Camping Park, where you can use the supply and disposal.

A beautiful panoramic view of the most famous city landmarks opens up in front of you when walking from the car park at the winter harbor towards the city center and crossing one of the numerous bridges. The old town of Regensburg with its large pedestrian zones and many market places is one of the most popular shopping areas in Germany.

Furthermore, the calm Danube river also invites to go hiking. One of the most beautiful routes is the Max-Schultze-Steig, which proceeds from the Prüfeninger castle on the Danube above and below the steep rocks.

Hilpoltstein – nature and hiking

We recommend the RV park Lände on the Main-Danube Canal, as a place to stay overnight for 6.00 Euros. Just outside is the campsite Kauerlach.

The idyllic, Franconian town Hilpoltstein with its medieval flair soothes and transports you back to another time. If you fancy nature and hiking, you should take the mill hiking trail from the station Hilpoltstein. Within 5 hours you’ll pass a total of 17 mills between Hilpoltstein and Roth, while a pitstop at the Fabrikmuseum Roth facilitates you to discover many interesting facts about the history of the mill industry.

Every year in May, the city stages a medieval market with a big knight tournament, which is a thrill young and old.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

We recommend the RV park at P2 in front of the city wall, as a place to stay overnight for 12.00 Euros. Just outside the campsite Tauber-Idyll and Camping Tauberromantik.

You won’t get around seeing many tourists and hearing lots of foreign languages in Rothenburg. However, there is of course a reason why the medieval town of Franconia attracts so many visitors from all over the world.

365 days of Christmas in the big Käthe Wohlfahrt store next to the Christmas Museum – or rather a spooky trip to the Crime an Justice Museum? Here you can have both, on the same day!

If you have a little more time, you should definitely do a nightwatchman tour in the evening – a city tour of the special kind for just 7.00 Euros.