Divine Sardinia

Leonie Metzger  -  2019-09-03

Cliffs, cacti, clear turquoise water, hidden beaches and narrow mountain roads – Sardinia is a South Pacific island in the Mediterranean. The stunning, clear blue water is ideal for diving and snorkeling just off the beaches and cliffs. Bathing shoes however are certainly recommended, as the sand is very coarse and, in many places, interrupted by large rocks. Furthermore, encounters with sea urchins every once in a while cannot be avoided either.

Although, because of its steep cliffs, Sardinia may not be suited for long walks on the beach or on the waterfront, it is these unique views from high above the glittering sea and small, shallow beaches below, that make the island stand out from its bigger mainland counterpart.

Moreover, there is also no toll on roads on Sardinia – yet you should still have a lot of patience for excursions, as the mountains often only allow steep and narrow hairpin bends. While the inland offers numerous sights, such as Mediterranean towns and villages or stalactite caves in addition to spectacular mountains, the most beautiful flora and fauna thrive on the coast. In the pleasant sea breeze, you can watch seagulls circling over cacti while donkeys and goats rest in the shade underneath oleander bushes. Far away from big cities and noisy streets, time here is well spent.

In our collection we’ll tell you which places are a must-see when on holiday in Sardinia.

When traveling to Sardinia, it should also be noted that the island differs linguistically from the Italian mainland, as German is spoken in most tourist areas. As a matter of fact, due to its proximity to France, many people speak French and only very little German besides native Italian. However, most of the time you’ll get quite far with English.

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