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Sustainable Travel: The best tips for an environmentally friendly holiday

These days, we are increasingly trying to build awareness of our behavior on Earth in order to maintain a sustainable environment for following generations. This also plays a major role when traveling. It makes sense to avoid plastic as much as possible, abstain from eating too much meat or even to drive less. But how …

Camping in the stunning Altmühltal

Whether you want to take a stroll in picturesque, medieval cities, discover imposing castles and monasteries, or go on hiking tours through the romantic landscape – there is something for everyone in the Altmühltal. Above all, this region is perfectly suited for holidays with a campervan. We will tell you which places you should visit …

Bayern – Good mood despite the weather

In contrast to a vacation on the Balearic or Canary Islands, in Germany you also have to expect rain in summer. However, this shouldn’t spoil your mood. If you are on holiday in Bavaria and do not feel like leaving the house due to heavy rain, we’d still like to whet your appetite for some …

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